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ECD Goalie Semi Hard 12 Diamond Hero Mesh

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East Coast Dyes

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If you're an elite goalie, you need to get your hands on the ECD Semi Hard 12 Diamond HeroMesh. The Semi Hard 12 Diamond Hero Mesh has HyperWeave technology for super-accurate outlets and excellent rebound control. The mesh's LTH fibers give you a durable and light weight pocket. The LTH fibers are weatherproof, meaning they won't expand or contract even in heat, cold, rain, or snow. This makes the Semi Hard 12 Diamond a great mesh worthy of the ECD name. This mesh will prove to be your greatest ally on the field.



  • Weatherproof: The new LTH Fibers are extremely weatherproof. These don't expand or contract in blistering heat, super freezing cold, rain, or snow
  • LightweightThe LTH Fibers are lightweight and durable. This means you'll have quicker hands and a 12D mesh that stands up to super-hard shots
  • Rebound Control:The unique and consistent diamond shape is crafted by HyperWeave technology. This absorbs and distributes a shot's energy, making rebounds look super easy
  • Accurate:The 12D Hero Mesh is a unique diamond shape that allows for smooth and accurate release, enabling you to hit outlets every time

Special Price No
Level of Play All Levels
Manufacturer's Warranty 30 Days From Point of Sale