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Epoch Otter Mesh

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Epoch manufactures some of the best lacrosse equipment. The Epoch Otter Mesh is composed of military grade, ultra-lightweight composite fiber that is hydrophobic with a high abrasion resistance designed to give you a long lasting pocket with zero break in time. Created with Epoch's advanced knitting process, the Otter Mesh's Symmetrical Cell Structure is created out of four mesh pillars and connection points that give structural integrity for a greater pocket.

The Epoch Otter Mesh's extremely low elasticity makes it so that when you string your pocket once - you're done. There's no break in period. Your pocket will not bag out over time giving you a pocket that is game ready. The Otter Mesh is also ultra lightweight mesh that's 50% lighter than conventional lacrosse mesh, providing unmatched feel and control under all playing conditions.

Level of Play All Levels
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