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ECD Mirage Head Strung W/ Hero Mesh Elite

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East Coast Dyes

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East Coast Dyes has made some of the most cutting edge and technologically advanced equipment on the market. From their ECD Mint Balls to their Carbon shafts, ECD is leading the pack in quality and innovation. Now ECD wants to introduce their first head ever - the Mirage. It's made for stringers, by stringers.

The Mirage head is built for the perfect pocket. The head has been created from applied knowledge gained through years of stringing different heads to craft the perfect pocket. The folks at ECD used cutting edge 3D printing technology to test, tweak, and fine tune the design. Every angle, every contour, every string hole, and every curve was meticulously crafted to help the discerning lacrosse player create the perfect pocket. This makes the Mirage head perfect for the elite offensive player.

This head is strung with ECD's Hero Mesh, one of the best meshes in the game right now. This mesh needs no break in period and it is incredibly lightweight.



Built to String: The Mirage has a narrow face shape and an aggressive flare that allows you to perfectly control the tension of your pocket for a super smooth and consistent channel. The prince string hole placement and the gradual bottom rail design make the head ideal for any mid to mid-low pocket.

Built to Perform: Support where you need it the most in addition to eliminating excess material, the Mirage has a lightweight and strong head. It's perfect for fast shots, sharp passes, and supreme control.

Built to Last: The Mirage is crafted with the finest impact grade, UV resistant material. It was specifically selected for its characteristics that allow it to withstand the abuse and ferocity of the modern game

Made in the USA: All East Coast Dyes products are made with great pride in the USA.

Level of Play Expert
Flared Sidewall (Warrior Only) N/A
Head Plane Normal
Head Width Normal
Stiffness Stiff
Manufacturer's Warranty 30 Days From Point of Sale
Special Price No