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String King Mark 2D Head - Unstrung

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String King

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If you're a top defenseman, you'll need to get your hands on the String King Mark 2D Head. This head has an ultra-stiff construction along with a wider face shape that's designed for harder checking and great ground ball control. The head weighs only 147 grams while still being super durable and immune to warping. If you want to string a custom pocket, the Mark 2 Head has 29 sidewall holes, allowing for a great and super-customized pocket.

Best of all, the String King Mark 2 defense head has absolutely no head rattle! The lightweight bolt included with the Mark 2D head goes through the front and the back of String King's Metal 2 shafts, locking the head from both ends to prevent rattle. Simply put - you won't have to worry that you're getting an inferior product when you buy a String King Mark 2 head. This is the best defensive head on the market. Try it out and see so for yourself!



  • The Mark 2 is super stiff for defensemen, ensuring it won't break or weigh you down
  • The Mark 2 has been engineered for ground ball pickup, you can scoop the ball from any angle
  • Super light head removing material from low stress areas
  • Comes with lightweight bolt, going through the back and from of the Metal 2 shafts locking the heads and stopping rattle
  • 6 month manufacturer warranty

Level of Play All Levels
Flared Sidewall (Warrior Only) N/A
Head Plane Normal
Head Width Normal
Stiffness Very Stiff
Manufacturer's Warranty 30 Days From Point of Sale, 6 Month Manufacturer Warranty
Special Price No