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STX Duel Head Unstrung w/ Memory Mesh

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Be prepared to duel. This head by STX is the first head EVER to be designed specifically for faceoffs. The head is broken into two sections: the bottom is very rugged and stiff, while the top of the head is flexible for groundballs. The throat allows for better clamping control and ability for the head to collapse on the ball in an aggressive manner. The bottom rail has great flex without compromising the integrity of the head. Overall, this is a superior head for dominating faceoffs and getting those balls needed to turn the tide of the game. Play with possession and duel. Get the powerful STX Duel head and become the faceoff master your team needs.

If you think there's a piece of mesh that can't hold its shape, be prepared to have your preconceived notions shattered. The STX Memory Mesh will help you to string a better pocket and keep it longer. The mesh is moisture repellent for great playing conditions in any weather. In addition, the Memory Mesh has an STX exclusive Coaxial Composite™ dual fiber weave, which is a tough material that can withstand repeated impact and sidewall abrasion. The mesh's core has 15x the tensile strength of steel (!), so you know this mesh will last you a very long time.


STX Duel Head Features:

  • Designed specifically for the face off player
  • Allows for aggressive clamping and flexibility to get ground balls
  • Bottom rail allows for great flex without compromising the integrity of the head


STX Memory Mesh Features:

  • Durable, weatherproof, and consistent STX 10 diamond mesh
  • Super-strong and durable with 15x the tensile strength of steel
  • Control fiber for optimal ball feel
  • Coaxial Composite™ withstand repeated impacts and sidewall abrasions

Level of Play Expert
Flared Sidewall (Warrior Only) N/A
Head Plane Normal
Head Width Normal
Stiffness Stiff
Manufacturer's Warranty 30 Days From Point of Sale, 60 Day Manufacturer Warranty
Special Price No