Warrior Razer 2 Head (3 Pack)


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A $240.00 Value! The Warrior Razer 2 Head is one of the most popular lacrosse heads featuring Warrior's patented flared sidewall which keeps the ball centered in the pocket. This head will make your shots super accurate and on target every time.
Warrior Razer 2 Head   +$0.00

The Warrior Razer 2 is a head that's guaranteed to help you sharpen your game. One of the most popular game...just got beeter. The Warrior Razer has been updated with the latest technologies, creating one of the lightest, and most accurate heads on the planet. Warrior' patented flared sidewall helps to keep the ball centered in the pocket. The open sidewall design makes the head super-lightweight and the elliptical throat design gives maximum durability. The Razer 2 is everything you live about the original, revamped and restyled.

This pack comes with 3 Warrior Razer 2 heads.



  • Features Warrior's patented flared sidewall that keeps the ball centered in the pocket
  • Open sidewall design makes the head extremely lightweight
  • Elliptical throat for max durability
Level of Play Intermediate
Flared Sidewall (Warrior Only) Yes
Head Plane Normal
Head Width Normal
Stiffness Stiff
Manufacturer's Warranty 6 Month Warranty
Special Price No