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Epoch Dragonfly FOGO Carbon Fiber IQ5 Shaft

Item ID: EDF305S

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The Epoch Dragonfly FOGO Carbon Fiber IQ5 Shaft is designed exclusively for FOGO specialists to compete at the X. The shaft is made from miltary-grade carbon fiber materials that creates a durable shaft that clamps down hard and stands up to the demands of the face-off position.

The competition at the X is fierce. Epoch understands that. That's why Epoch made a shaft especially for face-off specialists. The Epoch Dragonfly FOGO Carbon Fiber IQ5 Shaft is was designed from the ground up by identifying the wishlists of features wanted in a face-off shaft. Epoch took the research for this shaft to the next level. They utilized high speed movie cameras to study the connection between a player's hands in relationship to the shaft in order to find the best balance between comfort, performance, and durability.

The F30's shaft with MOTOGrip is designed to maximized your clamping power and torque at the draw. The green color gives a contrasting color to a player's gloves and head. The concave shaft on the lower half of the shaft gives a standard shape for comfortable passing and shooting.

“It is really nice to see a company who actually listens to the people who use their products and goes out of their way to deliver a product that exceeds our expectations. We put this shaft into the hands of hundreds of youth, high school and Division I players this past summer and heard nothing but rave reviews" - Bryan Burkhart, Founder of the Face-Off Factory



  • Highly researched shaft by Epoch designed specifically for FOGO specialists
  • Highly durable composite and carbon fiber shaft to help you clamp down hard at the X
  • Carbon fiber material derived from military grade equipment
  • Length: 30"

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Level of Play N/A
Length 30"
Color No
Manufacturer's Warranty One Year Warranty
Special Price No

Lacrosse Stick General Guidlines for Size: 


Attack 40" 42"
Mid 40" 42"
Def 52" 72"
Goalie 42" 72"



Attack 35 1/2" 43 1/2"
Mid 35 1/2" 43 1/2"
Def X X
Goalie 35 1/2" 52"



Attack 36" 40"
Mid 36" 42"
Def 37" 42"
Goalie 36" 42"

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