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True Lacrosse Composite 6.0 LZ Shaft - Attack

True Lacrosse

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The True Lacrosse Composite 6.0 LZ Shaft is an incredible leap forward in lacrosse technology. This shaft is constructed out of a super-durable composite material that's super durable, lightweight, and powerful. This masterful combination allows you to score more goals and win more games.
True Lacrosse has truly created something special in the True Lacrosse Composite 6.0 LZ Shaft . This shaft is the very first to take full advantage of the composite technology that incorporates True's "Loading Zone" technology. This lacrosse shaft was created by manipulating the wall thickness and material placement to create a unique flex profile. The result is maximized speed, pinpoint accuracy, and incredible durability. The Composite 6.0 LZ shaft contains "SmartPly" materials, T800 fiber which is 20% stronger than standard carbon fiber, and a 2X2 twill carbon at the head for incredible stability.



  • Incredibly durable lacrosse shaft incorporating the best in lacrosse technology
  • Unique flex profile that increases shot accuracy
  • "Loading Zone" and "SmartPly" work together to make an unparalleled shaft
  • Has T800 fiber, which is 20% stronger than standard carbon fiber

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Level of Play N/A
Length 30"
Manufacturer's Warranty 30 Days From Point of Sale
Special Price No

Lacrosse Stick General Guidlines for Size: 


Attack 40" 42"
Mid 40" 42"
Def 52" 72"
Goalie 42" 72"



Attack 35 1/2" 43 1/2"
Mid 35 1/2" 43 1/2"
Def X X
Goalie 35 1/2" 52"



Attack 36" 40"
Mid 36" 42"
Def 37" 42"
Goalie 36" 42"

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