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Maverik A1 Shaft - Attack (2017)

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The Maverik A1 is a lighter, faster, and stronger shaft for advanced players. The A1 shaft is constructed with Scandium alloy and a thinner wall thickness that allows for an extremely lightweight feel. The shaft has GritGrip technology allowing the A1 shaft to have great grip in all conditions without the added weight. The shaft has a speed shape so that you'll get maximum snap and speed on all of your passes and throws. This shaft has the new Adjustable Butt End, redesigned with a silicone liner for added stability. The Adjustable Butt End will allow you to adjust your shaft to your preferences.



  • Speed Shape for added snap on shots and passes
  • Scandium alloy makes this shaft super strong and durable
  • GritGrip technology allows you a stronger grip in all weather conditions
  • Adjustable Butt End allows you to adjust the shaft to your specifications for more or less snap

Level of Play Expert
Length 30"/40"
Manufacturer's Warranty 30 Days From Point of Sale
Special Price No

Lacrosse Stick General Guidlines for Size: 


Attack 40" 42"
Mid 40" 42"
Def 52" 72"
Goalie 42" 72"



Attack 35 1/2" 43 1/2"
Mid 35 1/2" 43 1/2"
Def X X
Goalie 35 1/2" 52"



Attack 36" 40"
Mid 36" 42"
Def 37" 42"
Goalie 36" 42"