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String King Mark 2V Head - Unstrung

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String King

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Lighter. Stiffer. Stonger. The String King Mark 2 is a step up from what you're used to in other heads. This elite head has been designed from the ground up for extreme power, pinpoint accuracy, and of course - versatility. If you're a midfielder, you'll absolutely love this head. String King used state-of-the-art advanced bone-growth optimization software to identify low-stress areas where they could remove material without sacrificing strength. The result? A more lightweight and durable head, of course.

Difficult stringing will be a thing of the past. The wizards out of Gardena, CA made it easier than ever to create the perfect pocket. Twenty-nine string holes on each sidewall give unrivaled customization and better fine tuning. As a midfielder, you're going to have to scoop up a lot of ground balls. The Mark 2 has been designed to guide ground balls into your pocket and allow them to stay there. The aggressively angled scoop is like a funnel, allowing you to attack the ball from any direction.

Head rattle is also a thing of the past. The lightweight bolt included with the Mark 2 Versatile head goes through the front and back of the Metal 2 shafts, securing the head from both ends to eliminate head rattle entirely.

For the ultimate combination, try this head on top of a Metal 2 shaft with one of String King's exemplary meshes. You won't be disappointed.



  • Bone-growth optimization software allowed String King to create a head with minimal material without sacrificing any strength
  • Easy to string with 29 stringing holes on each sidewall
  • Groundball vacuum - easy to pick up ground balls from any angle
  • Zero head rattle - lightweight bolt goes through the front and back of a Metal 2 shaft, eliminating head rattle

Level of Play All Levels
Flared Sidewall (Warrior Only) N/A
Head Plane Normal
Head Width Normal
Color Multi
Stiffness Very Stiff
Manufacturer's Warranty 30 Days From Point of Sale, 6 Month Manufacturer Warranty
Special Price No