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String King Metal 2 125 Shaft - Attack

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String King
Item ID: SKM2125AS

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The next generation of high-performance attack shafts are here. Introducing: the String King Metal 2 Shaft. This shaft blows away the competition by being better, lighter, and stronger. The shaft has advanced manufacturing and new materials that create a lighter shaft with higher strength per gram weight. The shaft has double taper technology, making the manufacturing process shift the material from low stress to high impact areas of the shaft. Durability? The Metal 2 has it in spades. The String King team traveled to 8 countries and found an alloy lighter and stronger than what's use in the aerospace, military, and auto industries.

Metal 2 Attack shafts are available in four weights to offer a perfect option for every playing style, so you can select the combination of speed and strength needed to optimize your game.



  • Incredible combination of speed, strength, light weight, and durability
  • Double taper technology shifts the material from low stress to high impact areas of a lacrosse shaft
  • Lighter, stronger, and more durable than material used in engineering related industries
  • Weighs 125g
  • Recommended for ages 11 and under

Level of Play Beginner
Length 30"
Color N/A
Manufacturer's Warranty 30 Days From Point of Sale, 6 Month Manufacturer Warranty
Special Price No

Lacrosse Stick General Guidlines for Size: 


Attack 40" 42"
Mid 40" 42"
Def 52" 72"
Goalie 42" 72"



Attack 35 1/2" 43 1/2"
Mid 35 1/2" 43 1/2"
Def X X
Goalie 35 1/2" 52"



Attack 36" 40"
Mid 36" 42"
Def 37" 42"
Goalie 36" 42"