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Maverik Erupt Complete Stick

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Burst onto the field in a mighty fashion with the Maverik Erupt Complete Stick. The Maverik Erupt complete stick is perfect for the attacker who wants super-accurate shooting and passing. The pinched face shape loads the ball into the channel for a quick, controlled release on the move. The Maverik Erupt has a pinched face shape that helps to retain the ball and load it into the channel, allowing you to unleash on the goal. The Maverik Erupt Complete Stick is a solid choice for any women's lacrosse attacker that wants the best Maverik offers.



  • Optimal scoop angle for precise passing and shooting
  • Pinched face shape to retain the ball and load it into the channel
  • Lowest legal sidewall with a lightweight, cored strut design
  • Airwire pocket reduces weight without compromising feel and durability
  • Strategic grip points guide and hold the ball in the sweet spot
  • Comes with the Erupt Composite Shaft that offers a matte finish for superior handling and control.

Level of Play Expert
Flared Sidewall (Warrior Only) No
Head Plane No
Head Width No
Color No
Stiffness No
Manufacturer's Warranty No
Special Price No