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Maverik M3 Elbow Pad

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Item ID: MM3EP

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The Maverik M3 Elbow Pad is the ultimate in elbow pad protection technology. This provides an uncompromising fit profile that offers next level protection. These had a unique sleeve attachment that gives max comfort and a optimized fit. These pads fit naturally on your arm and will stay in place when you need it most. The elbow pad has an ace up its sleeve literally: free flex seam technology allows the player to open the pad without removing it entirely off of your arm in order to disperse heat at a greater rate. This ideal when you're on the sidelines and need to cool down.



  • Super dense and durable protection
  • Gives max comfort and optimized fit for an elbow pad
  • Free flex seam technology allows the player to open up the elbow pads for ventilation when resting

Level of Play All Levels
Flexibility Very Flexible
Outer Material N/A
Pad Size N/A
Color N/A
Palm Material N/A
Manufacturer's Warranty 30 Days Through Manufacture
Special Price No