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Nike Vapor Head


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Become vapor. The new Nike® Vapor Head is a lightweight and sleek design that's still durable and stiff. You'll get optimal balance between catching and retention. The bottom rail of the lacrosse head gives you the best release when shooting and handling the ball. You'll also get a sweet custom pocket with multiple stringing holes. The head gives a lightweight and durable design made for the serious athlete. The Vapor is an NFHS-legal only head featuring a gradual offset with great balance between catching the ball... and keep it in place.

Be formless like vapor with the Nike Vapor Head. Get it today and show your opponents that you're someone who can't be contained.

This head is not legal for NCAA play. Recommended for youth/high school.



  • Lightweight and sleek design
  • Super durable and stiff lacrosse head
  • Bottom rail gives great release and great ball handling
  • Only legal for youth to high school

Level of Play All Except NCAA
Flared Sidewall (Warrior Only) N/A
Head Plane Offset
Head Width Pinched
Stiffness Stiff
Manufacturer's Warranty 6 Months Through Manufacture
Special Price No

Customer Reviews

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Review by nate March 20, 2016
Great head. Very stiff and has a great scoop.

get this head

Review by Chip February 17, 2013
Outstanding head good for attacks I have had mine for 2 years and it has not cracked it does not chip very durable

Great head for a great price

Review by Ben February 9, 2013
Stringing: This Head has multiple stringing holes for all stringing possibilities. The top string holes are huge for leathers or regular stringing.the bottom string holes are big enough for leathers also.

Defense: Even though it looks like an offense head its great for defense. It has a great scoop for ground balls, Its light weight, and its wide.

Middies: This head is an amazing offensive head. It has a great scoop, very light, pin point accuracy, and has a very nice offset. I do not recommend this for face-off men iot doesn't flex that well so it will be harder to get out.

Attack: it has pin point accuracy, lightweight deign, stiff for ground balls and a rounded scoop. its the elite head for all positions.

Overall: Amazing design, great light weight, and a great price, for one of the greatest heads on the market.

Great head for a great price

Review by Ben February 9, 2013
The nike vapor is an all around great head.
Defense: its light weight, stiff, has a great scoop for ground balls.

Middies: Its also great once again great scoop for ground balls, pinpoint accuracy it hasn't warped so far but i would not recommend it for faceoffs its doesn't flex easily so its harder to get the ball out.

Attack: its a great head great scoop for ground balls, pin point accuracy, light weight fits most shafts.

Stringing: There are multiple stringing holes for the most stringing possibilities. The topstring holes are four large holes for a simple top string For traditional stringing, its also amazing the holes for leathers are the perfect size the leather fits right through the bottom holes.

Overall: its a great head also the head is an amazing price.

4 Item(s)

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