OBO Hi-Rebound Field Hockey Kickers

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Turn yourself into a goalkeeping ninja with a pair of OBO Hi-Rebound Goalie Kickers. The Hi-Rebound kickers are made of high density foam with a 15mm thick very high density core for unbeatable protection on the side of the foot. The anatomically shaped inner molding is lined with soft, low density foam for additional protection and game-long comfort. An easy-buckle strap and molded buffer on the rear of the kicker keeps it from slipping off the foot during play. Hidden straps and a flat, vertical side design maximizes the sweet spot and prevents upward rebound when side kicking. The OBO Hi-Rebound Kickers also feature a high density foam tongue that protects the shin and completes the patented Integrated Locking System® with OBO leg guards. Give yourself ultimate piece of mind and keep those toes safe with the OBO Hi-Rebound Kickers.



  • High density foam construction with 15mm thick very high density foam core for maximum protection and durability
  • Anatomically shaped inner molding with soft, low density foam liner for enhanced comfort
  • High rebound design for maximum ball deflection
  • High density pre-shaped tongue protects ankle and completes Integrated Locking System® of OBO leg guards
  • Easy-buckle strap and molded rear buffer prevent kicker from slipping off of the foot during play
  • Vertical and flat sides prevent upward rebound of the ball during blocking
  • Hidden foot straps stay out of the way and increase area of sweet spot when side kicking
  • Very flat ground presentation and rounded toe maximizes protection and keeps toe inside kicker
  • All straps easily replaceable
  • Multiple sizes and colors available

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