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OBO Hi-Rebound Right Hand Protector

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Take ultimate control of your goal with the OBO Hi-Rebound Right Hand Protector. This right hand protector features an extra large blocking face that utilizes special foams and shaping to create strong rebound, affording the goalie greater control over the ball when defending. Great for guiding the ball away from the goal and toward the sidelines. Very high density polyethylene foams underneath the blocking face provide extra rebound and increased shock-absorbing protection. The Hi-Rebound Right Hand Protector also features a slide and protection panel near the hand for penalty corner defense with complete finger protection, as well as a special blocking area near the fingers for short corner defense and back hand tackle. Top that off with an enclosed stick exit hole, and you're working with some of the most comprehensive right hand protection on the market. Up your game to the professional level today with OBO's Hi-Rebound line.


  • Extremely high rebound blocking face
  • Very high density polyethylene foam padding for ultimate rebound and protection
  • Slide and protection panel for enhanced penalty corner defense and complete finger protection
  • Special forward blocking area for short corner defense and back hand tackle
  • Enclosed stick hole for complete hand protection
  • Multiple colors available

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