OBO Promite Youth Leg Guard and Kicker Set

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Even the youngest goalies deserve high-quality protective gear. The OBO Promite Leg Guard and Kicker brings the benefits of the ROBO line to youth players at a budget-friendly price. The Promite Leg Guards are the perfect starter leg guards for beginning goalies aged seven and up. A 42mm thick closed cell foam front face provides excellent protective coverage in a lightweight package. The guard features recessed velcro straps for easy fitting and removal (especially useful for younger players who may be hopping in and out of different positions during practice), and the face is shaped to naturally fit the body to enable quick and easy movement. The included Promite kicker is joined to the leg guard with an elastic loop to prevent twisting during play. Find your future goalie with a budget-friendly Promite Leg Guard and Kicker today.


  • Leg and foot protection for the starting youth player (7 and up)
  • Leg guard made of 42mm thick closed cell foam for lightweight protection
  • Naturally fitting shape enables easy, unhindered movement
  • Recessed straps reduce wear and eliminate snagging
  • Velcro adjustments for easy on and off
  • Leg guard and kicker are joined to stop twisting during play
  • Extra wide kicker footstrap for maximum durability
  • Available in XS and XXS sizes

Level of Play Beginner
Special Price No