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OBO ROBO Chest Protector with Arm Guards

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Your chest is the perfect target for stray field hockey balls, so make sure that you're armored up with an OBO Robo Chest Protector. The Robo Chest Protector features a highly articulated design with hinged abdomen sections, hinged shoulders, and an elasticated gusset that allows the upper chest and shoulders to move independently from the bottom half for an unrestricted range of movement. The padding is made of highly protective, dual density closed cell foam that conforms to the body without absorbing sweat or moisture. A floating clavicle protector adds focused protection around the collar bone without restricting shoulder motion, and a super high density foam heart protector keeps your most vital areas safe from shock. Fully adjustable back straps ensure that the body armor sits in the correct place at all times, while two 70mm wide waist straps allow for a secure and easy fit around the abdomen. The OBO Robo comes with a pair of arm guards for maximum coverage of the entire upper body.


  • Highly protective dual density closed cell foam padding throughout for maximum coverage
  • Highly articulated design for unrestricted freedom of movement
  • Elasticated gusset allows upper chest and shoulders to move independently of the abdomen
  • Floating clavicle protector protects collar bone
  • Embedded heart protector absorbs shock in most vital reasons
  • Adjustable back straps keep body armor in the right place at all times
  • Two 70mm wide waist straps provide easy adjustment and a super secure fit
  • Includes two fully padded arm protectors for maximum upper body coverage

Level of Play All Levels
Facemask Material No
Color No
Special Price No