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OBO Hi-Rebound Leg Guard


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Ultimate protection for the professional goalie. Separately designed left and right guard shapes for optimized performance. High-rebound protective foam surface offers maximum coverage and deflection control. Integrated locking system keeps guards in place and facing forward. Soft and comfortable low-density foam interior. Anatomical molding for snug fit. Fully hidden straps with specially designed, ultra secure buckles. Design reduces twisting while sliding, crouching, and blocking. Thermo-bonded joints for maximum durability. Multiple sizes and colors available.

As a goalie, your leg guards are one of the most important tools in your defensive arsenal. The OBO ROBO Hi-Rebound Leg Guards are the ultimate in performance and protection for the elite player. High density foam on the outside creates strong, protective surfaces with incredible stopping power. The front surface features both high-rebound and high-control surfaces that allow for easy ball deflection and controlled angling. The lower wing extensions and integrated locking system create a snug fit around your kickers to avoid twisting during sliding.

The OBO ROBO Leg Guard features hidden straps with specially designed buckles to prevent loosening during play, even after intensive sliding. The anatomically designed low density foam interior stops twisting during sliding and provides a soft, comfortable fit from warm-ups to victory. All joints in the ROBO leg guards are fully thermo-bonded (not glued) for countless games of safe and reliable use. Perfect for the goalie looking for maximum deflection power.


  • Separately optimized designs for both left and right guard
  • Wider left guard for maximum blocking area without twisting during sliding
  • Narrower right guard enables running and natural body movement
  • High density, high-rebound foam offers maximum protection and ball deflection
  • Rigid, curved upper shape offers full protection of the lower quadricep
  • Straight inside edge provides additional inner leg protection
  • Face scallops enables forward ball deflection when standing and downward deflection on penalty corners
  • Wing hinging system allows easier slides and prevents damage to the guard faces when hitting the ground
  • Integrated locking system fits around kicker to return pads to the proper position after sliding
  • Anatomically designed inner molding for snug fit that stops twisting during sliding
  • Soft, low density foam interior for game-long comfort
  • 20% lighter than other OBO styles
  • Fully hidden straps with specially designed buckles that won't loosen during play
  • Thermo-bonded joints for dramatically increased durability

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