OBO Yahoo Left Hand Protector

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OBO's Yahoo hand protectors retain many of the same great features as more expensive models, but at a price that fits the budget of club or high school teams. The Yahoo Left Hand Protector is designed to stop balls dead. The fully bonded construction produces a highly cohesive feel for improved comfort, fit, and playing experience. The inner glove and wrist protector provide superior protection while absorbing moisture and remaining comfortable and dry. The Yahoo protector features a 55mm thick curved front face that has been specifically designed to help deflect balls downward. Get ready to own the goal with the superior performance of a set of OBO Yahoo hand protectors.


  • Fully bonded construction offers superior protection and fit.
  • Comfortable inner glove and wrist guard protects while absorbing moisture for a dry, in-control feel
  • 55mm thick curved front face helps deflect balls downward

Level of Play Beginner
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Special Price No