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Lacrosse Helmets

Protection. With all of the discussion about head injuries the helmet may be the most important piece of lacrosse gear you can buy.  The main difference between helmets is weight and fit. With most helmets, you can adjust the helmet size so you can customize it to fit your head, and come with a chin strap for added protection.

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Before purchasing a helmet check your head measurement against the sizing chart, if available, for the helmet style selected. The helmet size is the starting point of a good fit; you may need to size up or down by completing the next steps. Place the helmet on your head and stand in front of a mirror for fitting. Your eyes should be centered to look out the top opening of the mask.

Once the correct height is established, the chin strap must be fastened at all four points of the helmet. This will keep the helmet in the proper position while you check and adjust the fit of the helmet. To adjust the chin strap, hold the chin cup squarely on your chin, and then adjust and fasten the front straps and finally the back. Make certain that the tension is equal on all 4 straps and that none is pulled out of alignment.

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