Cascade R Matte Helmet - Chrome Mask (Custom)

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Please allow 2-3 business days (excluding weekends) for Cascade to assemble the helmet. The helmet will ship out of their manufacturing facilities in Syaracuse, New York. Depending on where you are located in the United States, shipping times will vary.

The Cascade R Helmet is one of the best pieces of lacrosse protection for the discerning player who wants top tier lacrosse headgear by the best in the business.

The Cascade R Helmet features Cascade's best protection in the form of SevenTech and PoronXRD technologies. These two technologies give great protection from both high and low energy impacts. The SevenTech material is one of a kind. It displaces energy at the moment of impact while the PoronXRD foam technology stiffens greatly under smaller forces, deflecting the impact away from the player's head. This makes the Cascade R a must for anyone who wants a long lasting and secure helmet that will stay put in any situation.

The Cascade R has a customizable jaw pad with a HardTail SPRfit system that makes the helmet comfortable and secure. The shell of the Cascade R is constructed out of anti-crack plastic constructed in a super-durable fashion. The wider face mask shape of the Cascade R gives the weather better peripheral vision. With ventilation cut outs, the helmet will keep you cool and concentrated. Best of all, this helmet is a great construction for any player of any level.

This incredible helmet is available in different face mask permutations: chrome, chrome gold, and black.

Custom-colored helmets require a 20% restocking fee in the event of a return. Any helmet that is not a stock color (i.e. all black, all navy, and all white) are considered custom helmets.



  • SuperMono™ R Shell: one piece shell provides increased strength and resistance to frontal impact
  • Dual SevenTech™ and PoronXRD™ liner system offers maximum shock absorption during both high and low energy impacts
  • HardTail SPRfit™ system for comfortable and secure 360-degree contour fit and on-the-fly adjustment
  • Three customizable jaw pads for perfectly tailored fit
  • R-series chin provides added rigidity along the jaw and ear regions
  • Wide-cut visor allows for improved visibility in the peripherals
  • R-series mask provides better sight lines and reduced weight
  • Well-ventilated, lightweight design helps keep head and scalp cool
  • Available in a selection of stock and custom colors
  • Meets all NOCSAE standards

Level of Play All Levels
Facemask Material Steel
Choose a Facemask Color Chrome
Manufacturer's Warranty No
Special Price No

Cascade helmets should fit firm but comfortable. If you are near a Lax World store, it is recommended you see a member of our sales team for on-site sizing guidance. Each Cascade helmet comes with a Helmet Safety Booklet, please refer to this after receiving your helmet for strap adjustments and a secure fit.


 Helmet SizeCircumference
XXS 19 5/8" to 20 1/2"
XS 20 5/8" to 21 1/4"
S/M 21 1/2" to 23 5/8"
M/L 22 3/4" to 24"
CS Youth  One Size (Fits Most Players 12 & Below)

One size fits most sizing on CPX and Pro7 is an aprox. head circumference of 20" - 24 3/8".