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STX Stallion 50 Gloves (2017)

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Item ID: SS50G

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The STX Stallion 50 gloves are a great pair of gloves for the beginning lacrosse player. The Stallion 50 has a ventilated palm and gussets for great breathability. The gloves also feature a light weight construction in a robust polyester shell for easy maneuverability for the beginning player.



  • Ventilated palm and gussets for improved breathability
  • Lightweight construction in a robust polyester shell
  • Aspirational back-of-hand design harkens to the new Stallion 50 glove

Level of Play Beginner
Flexibility Very Flexible
Outer Material N/A
Palm Material N/A
Manufacturer's Warranty 30 Days From Point of Sale
Special Price No

When sizing your lacrosse glove; measure the distance from your wrist, or where your elbow pads end, to the tip of your index finger. The following chart will provide an aproximate size.



6-9" 4-7 under 42" Under 50  
10" 8-10 44-50" 50-70  
12" 11-12 50-54" 80-110  
12-13" 13-15 55-64" 120-150  
13"-14" 16 66+" 160+