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Shock Doctor Power Gel Ultra Youth Mouth Guard

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Shock Doctor
Item ID: 7101-Y

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Shock Doctor makes some of the best mouth guards in the industry for emerging and elite athletes alike. In this mouth guard, the youth player will stay protected. The mouth guard has a gel-fit liner, shock transfer core, aero-cushion with anti-shock technology, and MORA performance enhancement. This creates a top-tier mouth guard that allows the youth player to stay protected all throughout the game.



  • Gel-Fit Liner custom molds to teeth for a tight and comfortable fit
  • Shock-Transfer Core directs impact away from a point of contact
  • Aero-Cushion Anti-Shock technology gives a more comfortable jaw compression
  • MORA Performance Enhancement positions the lower jaw down and forward which increases strength and athletic performance

Special Price No
Level of Play All Levels
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