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STX is a Lacrosse Equipment manufacturer based in Baltimore, Maryland. Their gear is some of the best Lacrosse SticksMen's, Women'sGoalie Lacrosse Heads,  Lacrosse Gloves, Accessories, Lacrosse Helmets and Protective Gear (shoulder pads, arm pads, rib pads, elbow pads, chest protector) on the market.

STX frequently comes out with super-innovative gear such as the STX Memory Mesh, STX Super Power, and the best selling STX Crux 500 Women's Complete Stick. Check these out today and you won't be sorry. Need to make a return? No problem. Lax World offers a 30-day return guarantee on any unused STX merchandise. That means, if you want another product or want to exchange the product with something else, you won't have to worry about not being able to do so. Find the same STX women's lacrosse or men's lacrosse gear cheaper somewhere else? If so, we'll match that product's price with our Price Match Guarantee. Either way, you can't lose by buying men's lacrosse or women's lacrosse gear at Lax World!