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STX Hammer 200 Field Hockey Stick (2016)

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Item ID: FHSH216S

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The beginner will be able to hammer goal after goal with the super-powerful STX Hammer 200 Field Hockey Stick. The STX Hammer 200 Field Hockey Stick is a great field hockey stick for players who are just learning the fundamentals of field hockey and desire a stick that will allow them to hit powerful shots. The stick is made with a majority-fiberglass composition so the beginner player will have incredible power without sacrificing flexibility.



  • Beginner level field hockey stick
  • Standard 22mm bow
  • Maxi toe
  • Composition: 15% Carbon, 80% Fiberglass, and 5% Aramid
  • Weight: 525g for 35" stick
  • Lengths: 34", 35", 36", and 37"

Level of Play Beginner
Field Hockey Material 15% Carbon, 80% Fiberglass, 5% Aramid
Length 34", 35", 36", 37"
Color GRAY
Special Price No