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SNYPR US Lacrosse Wall Ball Challenge

SNYPR Sleeves - Only at Lax World

Join the US Lacrosse Wall Ball Challenge, powered by SNYPR, sponsored by Lax World. See your reps, recent activity and progress in the app and appear on Regional and National leaderboards - based on the number of reps completed or dollars pledged.


Download the USL Wall Ball app from the iOS App Store or the Android App Store. Then pick up a SNYPR sleeve online at, at Lax World retail locations, or at select Summer lacrosse events where Lax World is present. Hit PLAY in the app, and slide your phone into the sleeve for the app to start counting your reps automatically.




Only at Lax World

Buy your SNYPR US Lacrosse Wall Ball Challenge Sleeves at and select Lax World stores.


  • > Improve your Game and Grow the Game
  • > Get as many Reps as you can
  • > Go for 10,000!
  • > Ask family and friends to sponsor you
  • > Turn your Reps into donations
  • > Support the USL First Stick Program
  • > Compete Regionally and Nationally


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The US Lacrosse First Stick Program benefits new and developing youth and high school lacrosse teams nationwide. Grants provide equipment, safety resources, US Lacrosse Membership and coach training. In 2015, new lacrosse opportunities were provided to over 3,000 boys and girls through 123 First Stick Grants to deserving programs in 41 States.

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Wall Ball Challenge

WallBall Chllenge by US Lacrosse
Snypr Lacrosse Sleeve from Lax World
Lax World SNYPR Sleeve
SNYPR Sleeve



WallBall Chllenge by US Lacrosse