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STX Crux 500 Complete Stick W/ Flex 10


STX Crux 500 Complete Stick W/ Flex 10

Stock #: WSC5CSF

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* New Launch Pocket allows great ball control
* 10 Degree Technology drives the ball to the sweet spot for a great release and ball feel
* Greater snap from the STX® extreme scoop
* Minimum sidewall for deepest legal pocket
Your Price: $185.00
Allow the STX Crux 500 to take you to a new level. STX® 10 degree technology allows the ball to be in the sweet spot so you can generate the highest degree of power possible for both passes and shots. The pointed scoop gives you precision and accuracy for every pass and every shot.

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Great Advanced stickReview by Sam posted on 2/26/15
I originally was going to decide to purchase this stick myself before Christmas, but decided against it because of the hefty price. I ended up receiving the stick for Christmas and have had ample time to play with it in indoor lacrosse and some wall ball with friends. Overall I really like this stick. I think it has a great look to it and the ball sits in the sweet spot of the stick quite well. It is pretty difficult to break in and took me longer than any of my sticks previously had. With that said, this stick is definitely for the advanced player and would not be recommended for a beginner or intermediate because it does take a lot of patience to break in as well as it really is intended to have to the ball play in the upper third of the stick, which I don't see younger players usually position the ball there. I would recommend this stick for someone very serious about playing and improving.
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Field Position: Attack, Midfield
Gender: Women's
Head Plane: 10 Degree Technology
Head Width: Normal
Warranty Information: 60 Days Through Manufacture