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STX Stallion U 500 Head

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Be prepared to run without reins with the STX® Stallion U 500 Head. The head has an updated throat design, is 5% lighter than the NFHS model while enabling you to have the same great level of performance. The Stallion gives you extra strength for checking and picking up ground balls. Don't worry about the head bending or breaking. The durable dual sidewall braces give you super stability on shots and ground balls.

Take the game into your hands. Play with endurance and charge onto the field with the STX® Stallion U 550 Head.

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  • Updated throat design to allow better play
  • 5% lighter than the NFHS model, while allowing for same level of performance
  • C-Channel technology gives you extra strength for ground ball pickup and checking
  • Dual sidewall braces give stability on shots and ground balls
  • Bottom rail for high pocket placement and additional power during shots
  • Signature STX Forward Cant
  • Legal for College and High School play

Level of Play Intermediate
Flared Sidewall (Warrior Only) No
Head Plane No
Head Width No
Stiffness No
Manufacturer's Warranty No
Special Price No

Customer Reviews

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Review by Laxrat2016 March 11, 2016
Amazing versatile head; one of the better all around heads currently out on the market. Perfect OM head with a narrow face profile even for X-spec and incorporates STX C-Chanel to help with durability and help with stress. However still stiff enough that an LSM or Defensemen who carries the ball or find themselves shooting or pushing transition... I might look at this head as well.

Stallion 550....

Review by laxguru January 14, 2016
One of the best all around heads i have used. Strong and stiff , so it does not loose its shape too quickly. Has great flex at the top of the head to feel a little extra pop when throwing and shooting. Great head for youth players all the way up to college!

Good Head

Review by Zero October 21, 2015
Good head for all levels. Wider than the original stallion, but is lighter. The stiffness is good and seems find for a defensive mid. player. Lots of power.

3 Item(s)

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