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STX Super Power Head


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Get massive power on your side with the STX Super Power Head. Following the aerodynamic and streamlined design of STX's Proton Power, the STX Super Power Head's reinforced scoop design strengthens the entire head including the side rails, giving you extra passing and shooting power. You can customize the stick to your specifications with additional stringing holes. The STX Super Power lacrosse head is uniquely designed to reduce constriction and increase playability.

The Super Power's tight face and shape with the best possible ball control for dodging and a consistent channel release. This head has been incredibly popular among midfielders and faceoff men. The STX Proton Power is an incredibly versatile he ad that increases the C-Channel technology for greater strength and stability without adding more weight.

Legal for NCAA play. Recommended for High School through College.



  • The Super Power Head's C-Channel Technology allows for greater strength and stability without adding more weight
  • Uniquely designed to reduce head constriction and increase playability
  • Popular among heads and faceoff specialists

Level of Play All Levels
Flared Sidewall (Warrior Only) No
Head Plane Forward Cant
Head Width Normal
Stiffness Flexible
Manufacturer's Warranty 60 Days Through Manufacture
Special Price No

Customer Reviews

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Great Head!

Review by jacob April 3, 2016
Had it for a year and it has hardly morphed.

If you want to buy a new head every month, this one is for you

Review by Big Jay March 15, 2016
STX is a great company, but their heads are kinda flimsy and pinch quickly.


Review by Linda February 17, 2013
I bought my son this head for summer lacrosse. He says he really loves it. I don't know anything about lacrosse and the employees helped me pick it out. They did a great job!

Amazing Head

Review by Zach February 17, 2013
With the super powers pinched sidewalls, it gives the head pinpoint accuracy and shooting power. The lip of the head has excellent scooping ability and multiple stringing holes on the head gives maximum stringing and pocket adjustment. Overall the best lacrosse head I have used.


Review by Jillian February 17, 2013
this head is a 5 star head. it is one of the est heads you can get. i love this head. it is great for shooting, faceoofs, and cathing and throwing. it is a great head and one of the bests. IN FACT THE BEST

All specs

Review by Reymond February 17, 2013
This is a great head. It could easily be used for every position on the field i just recommend it for attackmen and mid fielders. It's has great stiffness it just softens up alittle giving a little flex that does no harm to your game. If your a face off guy this head could be the best head for you

Great Head

Review by Drew February 17, 2013
One of my favorite heads, I used it for two years and had no problems with it. I am a face-off specialist and it worked great for that. I would recommend this head for about every position.

super ower

Review by Kristine February 12, 2013
love this head perfect pinch. i have it on a maverik wonder boy and red to white marc mesh perfect all around head. have hade it for two years haveent even broken it yet

super power head

Review by adam granata February 12, 2013
i lover the super power i am and atttack men and the width is just perfect. i have it in all white with red to white to grey marc mesh that i got from lax world strung up with all white stringing. It has a mid to high pocket the shooters are ncaa legal so i wont get caught in summer ball. The head is a good all around for all possitions.

Great head for faceoffs and accurate

Review by Aidan February 10, 2013
This is a great head. I got my friend to string this and i pinched it from faceoffs. This head is very accurate and good for faceoffs as well. Overall, this is a light head but not as light compared to some other heads such as the clutch superlight, etc.

Items 1 to 10 of 21 total

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