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TK Synergy 15 Field Hockey Stick

Item ID: FHTS55S

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The TK Synergy 15 is the perfect stick for high level players looking to get the edge on their opponents
Reach a new level of mind/body synchronization with the TK Synergy 5 field hockey stick. Delivering high-level performance for high-level players, this is the perfect stick for the elite player looking to get the most out of their skills. The Synergy 5 is constructed from a composite of carbon, fiberglass, and aramid fibers for superior handling, strength, and durability. The Synergy 5 features TK's Carbon Straight Bar Reinforcement technology: a manufacturing technique that utilizes a state of the art carbon alignment method that dramatically increases stick durability. Nano-engineered carbon bars are aligned parallel to the stick's fiber matrix and are bound in place, reinforcing the existing structure to create an ultra rigid stick for maximum energy transfer into the ball. The Synergy 5 also makes use of TK's Reactive Liquid Polymer (RLP) and Sheepfoot Compression Moulding (SCM) technologies. The RLP system strengthens the stick's impact resistance with polymer additives, greatly reducing the risk of cracking during play. The SCM system pressurizes the head of the mould during manufacturing, ensuring a densely-packed and uniform material distribution in the head for game after game of reliable performance. The evenly balanced 25mm bow is moved toward the end of the stick, creating greater drag force and sharper angles in the stick's lower section. This shape makes the Synergy 5 perfect for sustained ball control during complicated maneuvering such as multi-directional dribbling, drag flicking, and aerial passing. Perfect for the up-and-coming professional looking to hone his or her advanced skills.



High level performance for high-level players Carbon composite construction for power and ball control in a lightweight package Composition: 40% carbon, 50% fiberglass, 10% aramid Carbon Straight Bar Reinforcement technology creates extra rigid stick for higher energy transfer and more powerful shots Reactive Liquid Polymer technology dramatically reduces the risk of stick cracking during play Sheepfoot Compression Moulding technology ensures a densely-packed, uniform head Late bow: 25mm Custom bow shape is ideal for advanced drag flicks and aerial passes while still facilitating basic ball movement skills Lightweight (~550 grams), highly durable construction Available in 35.5, 36.5, and 37.5 inch lengths

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Level of Play Expert
Field Hockey Material Composite
Length No
Color BLUE
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