Warrior Blade Pro Head


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The Blade Pro is the ultimate midfield head that was built to dominate both the offensive and defensive sides of the field. The sidewall was designed to have a high flex point that increases accuracy on shots and passes and provides maximum durability on defense. The Blade Pro was designed to dominate faceoffs – the minimal offset, sharp bottom edge, and maximum throat stiffness give you a huge advantage against any other head. Pro Player developed by ALEX SMITH and GEOFF SNIDER, recognized as two of the best faceoff midfielders of all time. The scoop angle and transition are made to vacuum up ground balls. Optimal string hole position for a pocket that strings up perfect every time. Not Legal For NCAA Play.

Level of Play All Except NCAA
Flared Sidewall (Warrior Only) Yes
Head Plane Normal
Head Width Pinched
Color No
Stiffness Flexible
Manufacturer's Warranty 6 Month Warranty
Special Price No

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Review by Paul Rable May 24, 2016
Worst head ever used hate it so much lots all the face offs

Great Head

Review by Michael February 9, 2015
I've played with this head for a season and won almost all my face offs with this head.

Amazing Face-off Head

Review by Drew February 17, 2013
Great head for ever aspect of the midfield position. Good pinch on the throat, flexible enough to dominate face-offs,yet stiff enough to play solid middie defense. I recommend this head for all midfielders ,especially face-off men.


Review by Harrison February 7, 2013
Im new to facing off, and this was recommended to me by a friend who is going to loyola as a face off specialist. He has multiple OG blades, and says its not as good as the original, but he loves it. Its great after a boil, or if no boil it breaks in nicely. Does warp slightly after time, but is a great head. The face shape is amazing and the keyhole shape and tight pinch allows you to faceoff perfectly. If you're a FOGO and need a new head, definitely pick this up.


Review by george April 8, 2012
BEST HEAD EVERRRRRR!!!! OMG! This is such a great piece of ball hoggin, FO winnin, pinch-n-poppin goodness. Wanna beat the guy on clamp? DONE! Beat 'em at push? DONE! Watch as they run away in fear of losin yet another FO!

5 Item(s)

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