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Warrior Blade Pro X6 Head


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The Blade Pro is the ultimate midfield head that was built to dominate both the offensive and defensive sides of the field. The Warrior Blade Pro X6's sidewall was designed to have a high flex point that increases accuracy on shots and passes and provides maximum durability on defense. The Warrior Blade Pro X6 was designed to dominate faceoffs – the minimal offset, sharp bottom edge, and maximum throat stiffness give you a huge advantage against any other head.

The Warrior Blade Pro X6 Head was developed by Alex Smith and Geoff Snider, recognized as two of the best faceoff midfielders of all time. The scoop angle and transition are made to vacuum up ground balls. Optimal string hole position for a pocket that strings up perfect every time.

The Warrior Blade Pro X6 head is legal For NCAA Play Only.



  • The Warrior Blade Pro X6 easily scoops up ground balls
  • Increased accuracy on shots and passes due to a high flex point
  • Designed for face offs
  • Has a long and narrow pocket channel for a consistent release and a modified face shape
  • Flared sidewall for maximum pinch and ball control

Level of Play NCAA Only
Flared Sidewall (Warrior Only) Yes
Head Plane Normal
Head Width Pinched
Stiffness Flexible
Manufacturer's Warranty 6 Month Warranty
Special Price No

Customer Reviews

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Great face-off head and good for new college rules

Review by John February 18, 2013
This head was definitely designed by the two greatest face-off middies in the game today. The multiple sidewall holes allow for a fully customized pocket, the narrow face shape allows for a more channeled pocket and increased ball retention (good for new college stringing rules), and the new plastic gives the player added stiffness. For face-off specifics, this head has the complete package. Its shape allows you to get underneath your opponent for a quick pinch and pop which every real face-off guy dreams of. This head is spectacular and I would suggest it to any college face-off specialist or midfielder who is looking to excel at their position. (high school version is the same for high school players looking to excel).

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