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Warrior Regulator Arm Guard

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The Warrior Regulator Arm Guard is exactly what you need to play at a high level. This Warrior arm guard will give you incredible protection and performance on the field like never before. The IMPAX molded foam technology gives the Warrior Regulator Arm Guard the best in-class impact absorption. The contoured design gives you essential flexibility and comfort. The elbow cap on the Warrior Regulator Arm Guard deflects gnarly stick checks to the elbow so you can go away from your games victorious rather than wincing in pain.



  • IMPAX molded foam technology gives best in-class impact absorption
  • Contoured design for amazing flexibility and comfort
  • ABS elbow cap deflects the stick checking to your elbow

Level of Play All Levels
Flexibility Very Flexible
Outer Material N/A
Pad Size N/A
Color N/A
Palm Material N/A
Manufacturer's Warranty 30 Day Warranty
Special Price No