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Women's Lacrosse Knit Gloves

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In cold weather, your fingers are the first to turn numb. Protect your hands with these super awesome Knit Gloves! These gloves are made with super warm fabric that will keep you warm and comfortable.

Level of Play All Levels
Color No
Special Price No

When sizing your lacrosse glove; measure the distance from your wrist, or where your elbow pads end, to the tip of your index finger. The following chart will provide an aproximate size.



6-9" 4-7 under 42" Under 50  
10" 8-10 44-50" 50-70  
12" 11-12 50-54" 80-110  
12-13" 13-15 55-64" 120-150  
13"-14" 16 66+" 160+